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Tech it Girls, our girls only program where girls can innovate and create!


Coding and educational technology in a fun learning environment


Empower your child with technology, coding & fun!


Afterschool programs and camps in coding, robotics, electronics, LEGO®, Minecraft and more…

Code and Tech Academy is an educational technology company specialised in STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). We offer programs in coding and technology for children ages 3 to 15 and their parents. Our after-school activities and holiday camps have been designed to help children expand their creativity and skills, and develop their social potentials.  Our team of educators integrates the philosophy of Learning by Creating into an engaging and dynamic curriculum.

Our work-based learning program empowers and inspires the next generation of digital natives to learn, create, develop and share the tools of technology in a supporting and nurturing environment.

Engaging children as quickly as possible in real projects creates an authentic context for learning a specific science formula or math equation since students realize they need that skill or information to continue their projects.

Excerpt From: Martinez, Sylvia Libow. “Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom.”

Our programs

Learning tomorrow’s skills

At Code and Tech Academy, children expand their creativity and skills to prepare their future. They are challenged in hands-on activities to develop their own innovative solutions, express themselves with digital technologies and become creators and inventors.

We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities for kids and teens: coding, Minecraft, family workshops, robotics, girls only classes and our popular Tech it Out program, available also in French.

What kids learn

  1. Computational thinking / programming concepts
  2. Linear thinking and problem solving
  3. Engineering and Electronics
  4. Applied math skills
  5. Design thinking
  6. Social skills through collaboration and feedback, both giving and receiving
  7. Oral and Written Communications skills through project storyboard and presentations



Coding helps improving logical thinking, problem solving skills and creativity, but most of all, coding is fun! Kids will make games, animation, stories…

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Don’t just play Minecraft, MAKE IT! Kids ages 7-10 and teens 11+ will turn their mod ideas into realities and learn in-depth coding concepts in the context of their favorite video game! 

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Code & Bots

Code & Bots

Kids ages 4 to 6 and 7 to 9 will learn the basics of coding and robotics using visual programming softwares and kid friendly robots. 

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Teens 10-16 year old will learn robotics and software, mechanical & Electrical Engineering with LEGO Mindstorms and Arduino.

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Tech it Out

Tech it Out

Our most popular program! Projects in art and storytelling, robotics, video games, toys, animation and more! Yes, kids can make anything!

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Tech it Girls

Tech it Girls

Girls only: we teach girls creative electronics, coding and making while they learn about tech careers.

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Tech it French

Tech it French

Notre programme phare en français! Coding, électronique, robotique, animation… Les enfants apprennent en s’amusant!

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Tech Family

Tech Family

Parent/child pairs will explore projects across the spectrum of making. From low to high tech, many toys and games to make!

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About Us


Coding and Technology Classes for children 4 to 15 year old

Our mission? To empower the leaders of tomorrow with the skills and mindsets to change the world.


Learning through Making

Students are challenged in hands-on activities to develop their own innovative solutions. Learning by making promotes creative and critical thinking, which are important to future managers and inventors.


Individualised Approach

Each child learns differently, that’s why our curriculum allows students to advance at their own pace. Our goal is that no one is left behind and no one is bored by slow progress.


Beyond Tutoring

Code & Tech Academy has a 6:1 ratio of students to instructors, which allows instant guidance and instruction when needed. Students are encouraged to troubleshoot problems and correct their errors on their own, when possible, to foster self-esteem and appreciation of learning.


Parent-child workshops

As role model number one, parents should be encouraged to be directly involved in their children’s learning journey while spending quality time with them. Our parent-child bonding workshops provide opportunities to explore creativity through exploration and acquisition of new skills. We offer weekend Tech Family workshops and mini workshops at lunch time.

Our team

Meet our super team!

Our founder Nad, our instructors Ana, Doug, Hugo, and Sophie, and our marketing assistant Coco, share the same vision of ensuring your children get the highest quality technology education available… and have a blast at the same time.

They enjoy expanding their own curiosity as the kids inspire them to see the world differently through the questions they ask.

Director & Instructor
Founder, instructor, mother, maker, tinkerer… She highly believes in educational technology programs to create a culture of thinkers and creators.
Senior Instructor
Designer, crafter, singer. She spreads her philosophy that even younger children can excel in science and engineering.
Junior instructor
Hugo is passionate about robots and engineering in general. He’s great at breaking down complex concepts. Kids love him! A true magic maker!
Former 4th grade teacher. She enjoys playing video games, creating videos and coding. She's an amazing tango dancer!
Senior Instructor
Serial entrepreneur with a deep passion for emerging technologies and sharing economy. He likes baking (banana cupcakes only...).
Marketing Assistant
Cheerful, outgoing, hardworking, she’s also a multitasker… Just call her wonder woman!


What parents and students have to say about us…

Thank you for your trust and support!


I started the Tech it class in January and I love it. Ana, our instructor, helped me find my mistakes and learn from them. I feel I can do anything! I am working on my tech project and my parents and my sister will come and see. It’s going to be awesome!

Maya B, sister of Chloe B (10 yo), Tech it girl program

I like the coding class because you learn programming and it’s fun. I love programming because I want to make video games. This is the best class I go to (I go to 4 classes). And I have new friends now and we are going to make games together. I want to go to the robotics class next time too. 

Jeremiah W (9 yo), Coding program

I like making things with light and sound. The play dough is magical! I like also play with Dash the robot. Now I can make it move without bumping into the table. I want to program it to play hide and seek and other things now like my sister does.

Chloe B. (5yo), Tech it Out program (written by her dad, Andrew B)

Mina has tons of activities but Tech it girl is her favourite. She has gained great knowledge in technology and discovered a new interest for herself. I also noticed her confidence level went up and how much she enjoyed working with her teammates even though she had only just met them. But the best part is how she is bonding with her younger brother: what she learns at La Fabrique, she teaches Max at home! 

Alexa G, Mother of Mina (8 year old)

Nils loved his birthday party so much last year that we signed right away for the Christmas Camp. We expected fun and entertaining activities, but it was so much more! My son is still addicted to the Ipad but now he wants to make stories with ScratchJr everyday. And he asks to share them with a friend he met at the camp!

Lena B., mother of Nils (6 year old)

My husband wanted our daughter to take robotics classes but I wasn’t sure. I do have to say I am so delighted that he insisted. Christina loves it so much! It’s fun and educational, definitely the best afterschool program for her. The kids develop technical and project planning skills that will stand them in very good stead in several years time. Thank you so much! 

Sonia C., mother of Christina (10 year old)



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